Why you might not be getting the conversions you’re after

When it comes to improving your conversions rates, you know the old go to.  Just change the button colour to orange, make the call to action for customers bold and red in colour, then cross your fingers and hope for the best, right?

Making tweaks like this might lead to a slightly higher conversion rate, they’re not going to solve your conversion-rate problems in the long term. And you’re sure not going to see any massive increases right away. You should be looking beyond the visual cues of text color or button size, and find out why your customers aren’t converting.

The list below isn’t an exhaustive compilation of every possible reason your conversion rate may be low—that list would go on forever, but we have list some of the most common conversion issues you may have overlooked.

Incorrect use of keywords

We all want traffic to our website, but you need to be careful about how you get that traffic. Using keywords that get you tons of traffic isn’t very helpful if the keywords aren’t relevant to your site and your products.

Make sure your keywords are specific and directly related to your product/service so the right people click on your ads. High-volume keywords may make your traffic increase substantially, but your conversions and sales will not follow that same path.

Bad design

You can have the boldest buttons and the reddest calls to action but if the site isn’t designed for usability you’ll still be in trouble with conversions.  Unnecessary images, links, and copy, can be big obstacles for customers.

Online users often appreciate simplicity, so don’t fill your website with elements that don’t enhance the customer experience.

Confusing copy

Your copy should be clear, concise, and honest. Your customers need to know exactly what action you want them to take without having to read your entire site.

If you’ve been getting by with copy you wrote yourself, it’s a good idea to hire an copywriter expended in writing for online stores and businesses. They’ll be able to clean up your copy and make sure your copy is on point.

Slow site speed

When it comes to website loading times, every millisecond counts and a slow site will result in an increase in page and cart abandonment for e-commerce customers

Mobile consumers are a little more patient and will wait a little longer before abandoning a mobile web page, but you still need to ensure your page loading time is up to scratch.

Long conversion process

If your conversion goal is a form fill, it’s important to remember that if there are too many fields your customers will give up. A 4 field form its more likely to be completed that one with 16 fields, so keep your forms as short as possible.

If you absolutely have to have more fields or more steps in the conversion process, make sure it’s as streamlined as possible, and keep measuring and assessing this.

There are plenty more reasons you site might not be converting, contact us if you would like help assessing your current site and conversion rate.