Happy Monday: Because We Look Forward to Mondays

When you change the whole way you work, life is better. Digital Operative is now Happy Monday; because when you enjoy work and like your customers, Monday is a happy day.

Four years ago, Digital Operative first opened its doors. The name emulated the brand we thought we were aiming for. Over the past four years, we’ve found our goals changing, and it’s become obvious now that ‘Digital Operative’ doesn’t reflect who we are any more. We needed a new name to match where we are and where we are going.

And so, Happy Monday was born.

Why Happy Monday?

Do you ever get to Sunday, and realise with a sinking heart that tomorrow you’ve got work again? And that you’d probably quite happily not turn up, Monday or otherwise? That ‘someone’s got a case of the Mondays!’.

Some people might think Happy Monday is a bit of an oxymoron. And for them, that might be true. But for us, we enjoy our work. Our customers are awesome people that we like dealing with. The websites we create are beautiful, and the digital strategies we construct are seamless. We are a team of professionals that enjoy what we do. Even on Mondays.

What’s different about Happy Monday?

The biggest difference for our staff is that we offer a work life balance you won’t find in traditional firms. Our hours are flexible, and people can easily (and regularly) work from home. Studies show that a forty-hour working week is no more productive than a 35 hour working week, and that people are far more productive if their work-life balance is better. So we took the plunge and it’s true. Our staff are happier, and as a result, our customers are happier.

Certified B Corporation

Happy Monday is the only digital agency in NZ that is a Certified B Corporation. We balance purpose and profit. When making decisions, we consider our staff, customers, suppliers, wider community and the environment. Every choice has social and environmental ethical outcomes and we implement policies and solutions that are about more than just money.

We care about the environment, our local community, our staff and our customers. We are running a business that tries to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

Openness and transparency

We want our customers to have a Happy Monday too. We are completely transparent in the way we work. If you need paid advertising, you pay for this directly — we don’t clip the ticket on the way through. If we think it’s beneficial, we’ll send our contractors directly to you. There’s no inflated spend, no extra layers of communication, just simple transparent ethical business.

What does this mean for you?

For our existing customers, nothing changes. You’ll continue to get the same amazing results and stellar service you’ve always had.

But every time you go to email us, you’ll have to type Happy.