Why we are no longer a B Corporation

As of this month, Happy Monday Ltd is no longer a certified B Corporation.

Our business practices have not changed and going through the B Impact assessment helped us to establish how we wanted to run our business when we first established it back in 2014. It has had a positive impact on our business and our procedures.

So why are we no longer certified?

While going through the recertification process we have realised that we are unable to dedicate the time and resources required to maintain the documentation and processes that need to be fulfilled in order to gain the minimum 80 points required to keep certification.  Our focus needs to remain on the needs of our customers.

We remain extremely supportive of the B Corp movement, which strives to align the interests of business with the interest of society as a whole. We are proud to have been New Zealand’s first digital agency, and of the earliest companies to adopt the B corporation way of being.

We may evaluate our position in the future but until that time we would like you to know that our practices will continue to reflect the values of the B Corporation movement and we will strive to use our business as a force for good.

Gary Lee & Leigh Gray
Happy Monday Limited