Tips for working from home

Here are some great tips garnered from an Ex- Submariner, although these are from a confined spaces perspective they are also fantastic tips for the average person working from home!

Make a routine now, test it, then write it down and stick to it. Divide your day up into blocks, Work, Rest, Exercise, Meals, Hobbies etc. And do the same for the kids.

It’s important to have some alone time, look at time-sharing shared space if needed to ensure you get some time by yourself.

Take time to prepare good meals, food is really a luxury that can help reduce monotony. A good mix of “Feast & Famine” is a good idea to keep the pounds off. Alternate heavy meals with light meals, Steak one night, Soup the next.

Some kind of exercise is essential to keep you fit, and mentally healthy. This doesn’t have to be heavy duty, a walk around the block, a quick bike ride or whatever, just get yourself moving for 30 mins everyday at least.

No doubt you are spending much more time in your house than normal, things are going to get messy if you don’t keep on top of it. Cleaning is therapeutic, tidy house, tidy mind. Make sure you add a cleaning schedule to your routine.

Luckily these days we have many options to stay in touch, make sure you use them and don’t socially isolate yourself, physical isolation is the name of the game. Reach out to people you know may not have a lot of social connections. Catch up with work colleagues for an online coffee everyday, even if there is no work to discuss (I’m sure there will be though!).

Don’t forget this is all necessary to protect not only the elderly and vulnerable but the Doctors & Nurses and all the staff at our hospitals. You are doing this to potentially help save hundreds or thousands of lives. Stay strong, stay safe and stay happy! Kia Kaha.

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