Supporting the New Zealand Spinal Trust

The team at Digital Operative have been working away over the last few months to help the New Zealand Spinal trust launch a new website. Launched just before Christmas in December 2015, the new site has improved design and functionality and a new e-commerce facility that allows them to sell their resources and collect donations online.

Hans Wouters, General Manager of the New Zealand Spinal Trust said “Gary’s strategic approach and attention to detail is rare to find in one package and we are thrilled with the result. We fully anticipate the new site to dramatically increase our ability to communicate the many different things required to help people with an SCI find their future. The new e-commerce facility will also make ordering our resources and making donations considerably easier than it has been. Gary’s selection of web platform has already proven very valuable giving us the ability to create content swiftly and easily and respond immediately to needs and opportunities as they have arisen.

It is our intention to benefit our readers as much as we can and become a reliable resource for getting answers to all things spinal in New Zealand and beyond. The Trustees and staff are truly grateful to Gary and Digital Operative for their incredibly generous support and outstanding final result.

Congratulations and thank you Digital Operative!