Selling online to the global market

Many of our New Zealand based ecommerce customers sell their products to markets outside of our country. For most, the global markets offer far greater opportunities for growth than just our small country at the bottom of the globe.

While overseas marketings can seem enticing, you need to ensure you have all the right information about your market, your customer and the best way to promote your business in the digital space.

NZTE have an excellent resource to help you navigate some of these areas, and even have additional information on the largest online market places for each continent.

International e-commerce opens up a world of customers, and gives you the opportunity to connect directly to your target markets. But which online marketplace is the right one to reach your target customers? What do you need to consider before taking the plunge?

Take a look at details about online platforms, read our tips, resources and guides to find out more about where you can sell, how much you may need to invest and what you need to know about each platform before you dive in.

To check out these resources you can visit here.

Or contact us at Digital Operative to help you with your global digital platforms and marketing initiatives.