Did you know you can link your work email address with a Google account?

Accessing accounts, such as Google Analytics requires a Google Account.

If you try and add someone without a Google account you will be prompted with the error message below:

Some businesses allow employees to use personal Gmail accounts to get around this. However, personal Gmail accounts such as ‘[email protected]’ make it difficult to know who actually has access to your data.

It is recommended that you link your work email address with a Google account in order to access these products. This approach makes it easier for admins to monitor who has access to your products.

How To Link Your Non-Gmail Account with Google

Step 1 – Click here: https://accounts.google.com/signup to create a new Google Account.

When asked to create a username, select ‘Use my current email address instead’:

Step 2 – Enter your first name, last name and work email address. Choose a strong password, confirm the password and click next.

Remember this password as that will be the password you use to access the required Google Products.

Step 3 – You will be emailed a verification code to your work email address. Enter this code into the verification box and click Next.

Step 4 – Fill out the required personal information, click ‘Next’ and accept the T&C’s:

Step 5 – Your work email address is now successfully associated to a Google Account. Contact the team at Happy Monday to grant you access to Google Products such as Data Studio, Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager.