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What is Google Shopping?

As of April 2020, Google Shopping is now free in the USA, with other regions following suit later in the year. But what is it? Originally called “Froogle” many moons ago, Google shopping is essentially just a catalogue of products which display on the Google Search network. Most likely you have seen these results at […]

SEO – Don’t take risks with SEO

We often hear from people that they had SEO done, but have no idea what was done and the person wasn’t able to explain to them in a way that was easy to understand. Some digital marketers will bombard clients with acronyms and complicated technical information to bamboozle them. This could be a red flag […]

Tips for working from home

Here are some great tips garnered from an Ex- Submariner, although these are from a confined spaces perspective they are also fantastic tips for the average person working from home! Routine Make a routine now, test it, then write it down and stick to it. Divide your day up into blocks, Work, Rest, Exercise, Meals, […]