About Us

“Our values, and how we do things around here”

Life by design

That old cliché of work-life balance looks like this to us – family comes first, always.

We’re flexible, we reject the old 9 to 5 and we empower everyone to get shit done. Kids sports day? Take the day off! Got itchy feet? Book that trip! If you’re fulfilled outside work, then we know you’ll bring that in to work too.

Everyone’s in the social club

We love coming to work and there’s no pressure to ‘put your game face on’.

We love digital and technology but we’re human too. Raucous laughter and cheeky banter are encouraged, as is ‘talking straight’. Our culture is relaxed and fun. We’re professional but we are human too.

Reputation is key

Definition: What people commonly think of something.

We want our customers to love us. Not just like, but looooove (in the way Cantabrians love Richie). We want them to be our super fans, to refer new leads to us, and call us first for any digital marketing ideas and questions.

Too legit to quit

Yup, that’s us. We are the real deal.

Honesty is crucial to us 24/7 – to each other, and our customers. If we can deliver what you want, we say so. If we can’t, we say that too. You know what you’re getting with us. We are transparent to our customers and there’s a tonne of trust.

You have to type the word Happy every time you email us!

Our Skills

We are experts in our field and we use a combination of staff, contractors and our wider network in order to fulfill each of our projects.

We pull in the right people, with the right experience, based on each and every individual project.

Development and Support

Our developers are specialists in their respective fields, with years of experience in website development. From WordPress to Magento to Shopify, we use the right developers for each specific project. They use the building blocks of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to take our clients designs and develop them into websites that work for them and their customers.


Our pool of designers are experts in communication through visual design. They are crucial in helping our customers present their business to the world. They use their knowledge of common design practices for the web to make it easy for your customers to navigate your site and present your  brand in the most effective way.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketers have a broad range of skills across all areas of digital marketing. From technical SEO through to management and analysis of paid advertising across all social and Google platforms. From Google Ads and shopping to Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Project Management

Our project managers and digital co-ordinators know how to juggle multiple project types and tasks with ease.  With backgrounds in design, development and administration; the extensive set of skills they have helps to ensure our projects run on time and to budget.

Copy Writing

Our copy writers have extensive experience in writing website copy and blog content. They understand what’s needed to ensure your website copy meets SEO best practice. All of our writers are curious creatures and dive in to your business to explore different ways to present your story, products and services to the world.

Digital Strategy

Our team of digital strategists understand all of the digital touch points that your customers interact with on a daily basis. More importantly though, they understand how to fit all of these touchpoints together and which platforms to use in order to develop a cohesive, co-ordinated process for your business.